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Slowing the Speed of Light

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Lene Hau, Zac Dutton and Cyrus Behroozi.



Lene Vestergaard Hau.; SE Harris; Zachary Dutton; Cyrus H. Behroozi. Light speed reduction to 17 metres per second in an ultracold atomic gas. Nature 397, 594-598 (1999).

  • Reprinted by permission from Nature, 397, 594-598, copyright (1999) Macmillan Magazines Ltd.


In the News

Amato, Ivan. Speed of light. All Things Considered, National Public Radio.

  • This is a RealAudio clip from the broadcast on February 18, 1999.  Click on "Speed of Light"

Berlingske Tidende - Danish Newspaper. Search for "Lene Hau". Site is entirely in Danish.

Browne, Malcolm W. In a major breakthrough, Danish physicist slows the speed of light. New York Times Feb. 18, A1, A17 (1999).

Browne, Malcolm W. Lene Vestergaard Hau: She Puts the Brakes on Light. New York Times, Mar. 30, (1999).

  • Free registration is required for the New York Times Web Site. Search for: Hau and "Speed of light".

Cromie, William J. Physicists slow speed of light. Harvard University Gazette. 94, 1 (1999).

Delaney, Bill. Researchers use super-cool goo to dramatically slow speed of light. CNN Interactive.

  • Includes a video clip from broadcast on February 19, 1999.

Highfield, Roger. Scientists put brakes on light. Daily Telegraph. Feb. 18 (1999).

Jyllands-Posten - Danish Newspaper. Search for "Lene Hau". Requires user ID to view article. Site is entirely in Danish.

Kirchofer, Tom. Optical molasses slows light: scientists reduce speed of light to a crawl. ABC News. Feb. 19 (1999).

Rogers, Adams.   Going Faster Than Light?  Newsweek March 1 (1999).

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